What clients say

“Hiring Pete to help us assess the viability of purchasing a business was one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made. His follow through and attention to details was amazing. And he was able to turn the financial documents into something we could really understand, point out a number of details we were unaware of, provide a list of questions to ask the current owner, and connect us to other professionals whose services we would need to move forward. What was worth more than anything, though, was that he helped us discover that the way the current owner wanted to structure the sale was not in our best interests. So we were able to make a confident decision to cut our losses and walk away. Without question, Pete will be the first person I bring on my team the next time I’m considering purchasing a business!”

—Stacy Karacostas, CEO / SuccessStream


“As a small independent design company, Industrial Alchemy often hires professional consultants for help in all aspects of running a business. Pete Frickland has provided to us invaluable insight, feedback, and critical analysis to both our long term strategic plan as well as on individual project and client matters. We call Pete first for help navigating scenarios ranging from contract analysis and problem solving to international trade standards and communication. Pete is always timely, professional, courteous and most of all interested in helping our business to succeed. Pete clearly has the experience and skills to contribute meaningful feedback to a wide variety of business practices within many industries. We highly recommend Pete to anyone seeking strategic help—all of the projects he has worked on with us have completed successfully and we intend to call on his expertise for years to come.”

—Melissa Jaten, COO / Industrial Alchemy


“Pete is a sharp, hard working executive who can take an unstructured inefficient product development process and put it back together so that it not only makes better process sense, it makes better business and financial sense. He is very personable, a team player and strong collaborator. Any company that needs help improving processes and overseeing tough projects would do well to seek him out. I highly recommend Pete and would love to work with him again.”

—Elizabeth Andreini, President / Accelerate Marketing


“We approached Pete, faced with the challenging assignment of how to prepare multiple research proposals in a short period for submission to multiple funding agencies. Pete was the right choice. He immediately provided his vision of how we would be successful, created a clear plan for us to follow, guided content development and integration, edited the final proposals and delivered the final edited/formatted content on schedule. Pete made the nearly impossible possible, and his vision was easy to rally behind, such that the exercise turned into a great team-building event.”

—Andrew Taylor, VP of Engineering / PNI Sensor Corporation


“Pete has insight, integrity, connections and a great work ethic. He can quickly determine what is needed and deliver above and beyond expectations. He has been instrumental in helping make the right connections and decisions for my business. He is easy to connect with, highly analytical, and creative in his approach to solving complex business issues. He would be an asset to any business team.”

—Laura Broyhill, Owner / Rainrock