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Recent Presentations

Like, Follow, Blog or Tweet: Picking effective consumer research (fielding) strategies
SIA, January 2016
OIA/ORSM, August 2015

Driving Product Performance: How to best use Product Managers
SIA, January 2016
OIA/ORSM, August 2015

Outside-in Planning: Tools and Techniques for Strategic Product Line Planning
OIA/ORWM, January 2016
OIA/ORWM, January 2015
SIA, January 2015

360 Activity Mapping—Identifying and Communicating Design Opportunities
U of UT Health Sciences, October 2014

Tools for the Fuzzy Front End of Product Development
SIA, January 2015
OIA/ORSM, August 2014

20 Top Tools for Managing the Product Development Process
Bozeman Outdoor Network, July 2014
Utah PMA, March 2014
SIA, February 2014
OIA/ORSM, August 2013

SWOT-TOWS Tools for Strategic Line Planning
Utah PMA, March 2014

New Product Valuation and Business Case Analyses
Utah PMA, March 2014
OIA/ORWM, January 2014
Seattle MBDA, October 2013
Seattle MBDA, January 2013

Development and Commercialization Tools
Office of Naval Research, September 2013

Faculty On-boarding Processes
U of UT Health Sciences College of Nursing, August 2013

Balancing Product Portfolios
PMC, February 2013

R&D Project Management Tools and Processes
Office of Naval Research, February 2013

Portfolio Decisions Using Multi-criteria Decision Analysis
Office of Naval Research, February 2013

A Quick Overview of Product Development Tools and Processes
CAMPS, January 2013

Non-financial Business Case and Portfolio Management Methods
PDMA, May 2012