Bridging the gap using Interim Management


The client’s search for a new Director of Product Development had been going on for several months. Development projects and staff direction were beginning to drift. The implementation of a new product development management system was months behind schedule. Senior management was beginning to feel the pressure to get things back on track.


With one day lead time and another day of background briefing and Statement of Work development, interim product development management was in place and up to speed.


Coordinated, visible support for dozens of development projects was in place and solidified within two weeks. They were put back on schedule for trade show release later in the year. The team began to pull together, the organization chart was cleaned up, and roles and responsibilities were clarified. The new product development management system was fully implemented and the staff trained by the third month. Systems and processes were documented for handoff in the fourth month. Training and mentoring of the newly appointed FTE Director of Product Development was complete by the end of the fifth month.