Fast-tracking SBIR proposals


A small electronic sensors manufacturer needed to develop a half dozen different SBIR grant proposals for submission to multiple funding agencies. The staff was small and inexperienced in writing grants and the deadline for submission was a month away.


Organizing the proposals as concurrent, parallel development projects with similar task elements allowed the use of basic concurrent project management tools. This clarified the ownership, status and tracking of the dozens of efforts that were moving toward a common goal. Project coordination, storyboards, boilerplate development, and editing were handled by Concurrent PD. Technical content was provided by the client’s staff experts.


In the client’s words,

“Pete was the right choice. He immediately provided his vision of how we would be successful, created a clear plan for us to follow, guided content development and integration, edited the final proposals, and delivered the final edited/formatted content on schedule. Pete made the nearly impossible possible, and his vision was easy to rally behind, such that the exercise turned into a great team-building event.”