keep-on-track-skateInterim management to keep your product development on track

It takes most companies nearly six months to fill a director-level or higher position in product development—months during which decisions are delayed and critical products can slow down or stall in the pipeline. By hiring experienced interim management, you can ensure that product development processes continue uninterrupted, giving you time to find the right person to fill a key management position.

Concurrent Product Development has helped companies fill the leadership gap following the loss of a key company, division or working group leader. We can keep staff focused, maintain momentum, get new planning underway, and help get the new hire up to speed quickly.

The process

Interim managers are easy to integrate into operations. They are managed in the same manner as Full Time Employees (FTEs). The major difference is that they are hired using a Statement of Work that normally includes specific scope, projects and tasks that are to be completed during the engagement. Most engagements are built around a schedule in which the interim manager will be on-site three to four days a week.

The benefits

Interim management presents a valuable opportunity for organizational development and upgrades and ensures continuity between FTEs. Benefits include:

  • Maintaining development momentum on key projects
  • Developing and upgrading management processes
  • Defining and instituting status and performance metrics
  • Updating organization charts, responsibilities and job descriptions
  • Documenting the status and management process for hand-off to the FTE
  • Assisting in sourcing, vetting, and hiring the FTE replacement
  • Training and mentoring of the new FTE

For more information

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