keep-on-track-skierAd hoc and on-demand special project expertise

When emergencies occur in product development, we’re equipped to help companies address them. We’re talking about special projects and tasks that demand immediate attention at times when in-house staff are already fully committed. We can also assist when special projects come up that are outside of the organization’s comfort zone or beyond their expertise. In situations like these, we are prepared to augment your capabilities.

Short-term and immediate projects

Most of the special projects we take on for product development groups have a relatively short horizon (a few days to a few weeks) and they require an immediate or near-term start. Their range of content is broad.

Recent special projects

  • Development of licensing, terms and conditions rate recommendations and modeling
  • Technical writing and proposal support, including Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) proposal submissions, RFP development, and management
  • Financial and non-financial business case analysis and scenario modeling ranging from quick and simple to rigorous and complex, using customized modeling modules and templates
  • Specifications and standards development
  • Analyses including make/buy, outsourcing and cost-of-production-location
  • Intellectual property, including patent strategy, prior art research, white space evaluation, provisional patent content development and management of unsolicited ideas
  • Strategic trends and positioning, including SWOT, PEST and TOWS analyses, business planning, and technology/market mapping
  • Prototyping, including tooling and processes, proof-of-concept articles
  • Materials and processes support, including selection, identification, sourcing, implementation and troubleshooting
  • Process performance characterization and capability indices, including process control limits and definition of upper/lower spec limits
  • Personnel planning, work scoping and job description development using Responsibility Assignment Matrices with RISC attributes
  • Acquisition target development, analysis and valuation
  • Divestitures and preparation for sale of the business
  • Statistical analysis

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